About Any Stock Buyer!

Introduce a friend & get £50 voucher on a friend's 1st order with us. Get them to quote ASB17 and your name to qualify. * Subject to T & Cs

"Europe’s Largest Liquidated Stock Clearance House" - Clearance, Excess & Bankrupt Stock Buyers

We are Europe’s largest excess stock buyer. We also sell. If we can’t sell to you, we can buy from you. You win. We win. Simple.

At AnyStockBuyer.com we do exactly what it says on the tin. We make stock clearance as easy as pie and there isn’t usually much we will turn down. As a result of our can do attitude we’ve carved ourselves a very reliable and trustworthy niche in the stock clearance world, we are experts in surplus, liquidations and clearance stock and are ready to buy at all times.

We also sell of course, subject to sellers guidelines. We buy competitively, so we sell equally so and will NOT be beaten on price, FULL stop. Our Project Specialist Team (PST) are trained to make a deal a win - win for all and believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We are easy to talk to and deal with and have an intuitive approach to your business and ours. Reputation matters to us and we like the fact that ours is growing fast. Why? Because we have the best people on board, the storage space, the right way of thinking.

If we can DO it, we WILL! After all, ANY STOCK BUYER, it’s in our name and in our way of thinking!

AnyStockBuyer.com's core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

Mission Statement
To maintain our position as the UK’s leading stock clearance company, to enlarge the business operations in to EU and Non EU markets. It is our intention to make available to smaller buyers the goods that we buy and to do this by enlarging our operations.
Why Choose us?

Here are a few reasons why we’re known as the ‘go to’ guys!

  • We never say no
    Well it’s simple we are ANY STOCK BUYER, we don’t like to refuse a deal and really it comes down to viability, IF we can do it we WILL! What’s more we have the space at our 60,000 sq ft warehousing and logistics centre in Surrey with high security designed for this market.
  • We’re fast
    We know that time is money and we get things done fast, in fact we can make it happen in just a matter of hours. Anyway why spend extra on storage when you can let us find the right home for your stock?
  • We have the know how
    Our skilled team knows how to expedite the deal making negotiations, allow quick payment and collection of your merchandise. We will coordinate all transportation requirements to make the process as easy as possible for you. Don’t forget that when dealing with us normal channels of distribution are always protected for the manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and service companies that deal with us.
  • We care about the environment
    Well if you’re anything like us, you won’t like waste! Waste of space, product, time or money. So lucky for you we are on hand to solve all of those problems. We take stock removal and disposal very seriously and we operate with a 100% green ethical code. Even our modern fleet of trucks meets our high standards of environmentally friendly output. On top of that if you simply need us to clear your space we will take it away at no cost and help recycle items. (Subject to stock)


Introduce a friend

Introduce a friend & get £50 voucher on a friend's 1st order with us. Get them to quote ASB17 and your name to qualify.* Subject to T & Cs